Is Stress Medication Necessary?

Today’s pharmaceutical market has a pill to resolve any problem, some doctors refuse to even look at the patient before fervently prescribing him or her something to take. However, when it comes to stress, taking drugs might not solve the problem, it can even make things worse – Making the person feels miserable and unwell.

That’s why, it is important to consider the cause (or causes) of stress, how acute is it and what alternative treatments are available, before deciding to go with a medical solution.

Stress medication is available in many different forms for many different reasons. Though stress medication is available, there is a constant debate concerning the need and effectiveness of stress medication in the form of a prescription drug, over the counter products, or the use of alternative methods.

Prescription stress medication:

Certain prescription drugs that are available for anxiety are Effexor and Lexapro. Stress medication of this level is prescribed by a psychiatrist for anxiety disorder. Rather than feeling stress under normal circumstances, individuals that experience constant anxiety are prescribed medications such as these.

Librium is another medication that has proven helpful for individuals with a high level of anxiety. These medications should only be taken with a prescription and the dosage must be professionally monitored and adjusted as needed.

Prescription drugs that are known to relax the muscles will certainly ease stress, but may cause other issues in the process. Percocet, OxyContin, and Flexeril are medications that are prescribed to relieve muscle pains and relax the body.

These medications should be taken with extreme caution. They are highly addictive and can have extremely negative side effects. Some of them include liver damage, kidney problems, and a greater risk of heart conditions. Consider a stress medication of this level only under strict supervision.

Over-the-counter stress medication:

There are certain medications that can be purchased without a prescription which are used to reduce anxiety and worry.

Seredyn is a nutritional supplement that is non-addictive. Seredyn contains L-Theanine, Passion Flower, and Valerian as the active ingredients that are used to create a calming effect in individuals. St John’s Wort is another herb that is sold in capsule form as stress medication. The flowering top of the plant is used as an extract to reduce anxiety and allow the individual to feel a calming effect.

It may be beneficial to seek a stress medication that is not prescribed and using a prescribed stress medication as a last resort. Even with over-the-counter and alternative medication, but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and stick to safe dosages as side effects and toxicity may still be a concern. Use of prescription drugs may compound issues and create more stress, rather than relieve it. Stress medication that can be purchased over the counter may work, but the effects may vary from one individual to another. Look into natural forms of stress and anxiety relief: Try exercise, meditation, yoga, or anything that allows the mind and body to relax before considering a stress medication. This may lead to a healthier lifestyle with less stress.

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